Security, Badge

Balogh long distance product ranges are high technology, field proven ranges of badges and readers for high speed, long distance identification for applications such as automatic vehicle identification, dynamic hands free personnel identification, fleet management, container tracking….
These product ranges are used for dynamic long distance identification of vehicles and people by specialized integrators throughout the world.

BDG 1020

A semi passive read-only 2.45GHz RFID tag for dynamic vehicle and personnel identification.
For vehicles, tags are placed behind windscreen using an easily attached clip.
For personnel identification, these lightweight cards are worn by the user in a tag holder

BDG 1024

A dual technology badge containing the long distance semi passive 2.45GHz RFID technology and a 13.56Mhz RFID read/write chip (MIFARE® Classic & DESFire, HID iClass® or LEGIC® ) inside the same casing.
One unique tag for long distance vehicle & personnel identification and conventional or biometric access control, time attendance, restaurant management...

BDG 1090

A semi passive 2.45GHz read only tag specially designed for use in even the most harsh of environments. This heavy duty tag can be mounted directly on to metallic surfaces and is ideal for fleet management, container identification and for use on bullet proof vehicles.

ECI 2001

UHF Adhesive Label for Vehicle Side Windows

Passive adhesive tag to be mounted on vehicle side window.
Not suitable for windscreen mounting.

ECI 2003

UHF Windshield Label

High performance passive tag designed to be fixed behind vehicle windshields.
ECI2003 are non transferable and cannot be removed without being destroyed.

ECI 2004

UHF White ISO Card

Passive ISO credit card sized tag.
Not suitable for windshield mounting.

ECI 2006

UHF Metal Mount Tag

High performance passive tag.
Designed to be mounted on metal surfaces with screws (M3 type) pop rivets or with industrial adhesive.