Railways, Monoblock reader

Balogh offers the RAILWAY (packaged in green) devices for tram, subway, and train management. This group consists of various monoblock interfaces adaptable to a great number of applications.


Short-range Reader (less than .8 meter) operating at 6.78 MHz

The MOL 81 is a short-range transceiver, specially designed for railway applications (Accurate Train Location, Detection on crossroads, Passengers Information, Depot Management)

An all-in-one machine with an integrated antenna, it will most often be used for onboard equipment which is placed on the outside under the mobile body, to read, “on the fly”, the contents of the OMR-type radio frequency identification tags, placed along the track between the rails.


CBTC ''Communication Base Train Control'' - Application : Platform Screen Door Control Application MOS/OMS 201

Mains Features :

  • Compact & light HF solution appropriate for any vehicles : Mass Tarnsit Metro, Light Train, Tram.
  • Operating Location Accuracy : +/- 5 cm
  • SIL 4 Safety Location Accuracy : +/- 20 cm
  • Reading Distance 60 mm up to 300 mm
  • Data Exchange Distance: 512 bits up to 160 km/h
  • HF based solution unaffected by climatic environments - water - ice