Industry, Interface

The products BALOGH of the range INDUSTRY (or ORANGE range) are intended to be used for the identification and the traceability of the industrial process, or industrial logistics and the traceability of the supply chain. The ORANGE range is composed of important of labels RFID and many readers monoblocks or readers equipped with interfaces adapted to a great number of applications.


It handles up to two independent R/W channels (both simultaneously read / write data from / to Balogh tags);
the channels may differ from each other in tags type.

Authorized slave interface for ProfiBus® DP-V1: version BIDP170 M
Authorized slave interface for ProfiBus® DP-V0: version BIDP170


Slave interface handling 2 independent R/W channels.
Exchanges occur over an Ethernet link (baud rate: 10 /100 Mbauds with autobaud).

BIET 170 supports several DIP-switch selectable messaging protocols:

  • TCP/IP + specialty protocol which services simultaneous 8-Kbyte requests on both channels,
  • MODBUS/TCP ® which enables to read (resp. write) 125 (resp.120) words per request,
  • EtherNet/IP ® (Allen Bradley - Rockwell).