Industrial system architecture

A system of identification RFID of the Industrial range (or Orange range) is made up:

  • of a tag and a transceiver associated with an interface board.
  • or, of a tag and a reader monoblock.


There exist 2 types of labels: in reading alone, read/write. The labels are gathered in of the same families technology. In each family, the labels have out of cases of various size and memory sizes. Except the infra-red ones, all the labels are passive and receive their energy at the time of the communication with the receiving transmitter. The operations of reading and writing are carried out remotely and without contact. The reading can be carried out with the stop or moving.


The transceiver establishes the electromagnetic field which provides energy to the tag and ensures the bidirectional transmission of the data. The transceiver must be connected to the interface. These two load-carrying members together to carry out the transmission of the data of and towards the tag in the zone of communication.

Monoblock reader

The reader monoblock, compact apparatus with integrated antenna, is directly connected at the higher level (automat, PC, etc.).


The Balogh interface ensures the communication between the system of RFID and the levels higher (automat, PC, etc.) and power supply of the tranceiver.

Maintenance tool

This family of products intended mainly for the realization of maintenance, is made up of several types of equipment below: - Reader ou encoder of the tag, it can be portable or fixed. - Reader single (portable reader). - Bag of tests (controller on site). - etc…


The equipment of accessory is especially designed to allow an optimal use of the Balogh materials.