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Since 1958, Balogh continues to be a leader and pioneer in the development and manufacturing of contactless identification systems. Balogh started out almost 50 years ago manufacturing Inductive Proximity Sensors, which then lead to the development of our first Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag in 1978.

Today, our 3 priorities fields are:

INDUSTRY (Orange Range) : Follow-up of Production - Logistics and industrial traceability.

RAILWAY (Green Range) : Localization - communication - Management of deposit.

SECURITY (Grey Range) : Access control - AVI (Automated vehicles identification) - Parking Management.

This Web site called Balogh Technical Centre (BTC), has the vocation of the main thing to place at the disposal of the users and the prospective customers, the whole of the technical datas related to our products, which are : user manual, data sheet, certification, etc.